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Car Window Stickers and Design Considerations When Used For Advertising

June 28, 2012 | by cws-admin | Branded Stickers, Car Stickers, Self Adhesive Stickers, Stickers

Car window stickers have to be produced with a very precise end purpose in mind. The question has to be asked as to what the car window stickers are to be used for. There are a number of alternatives available to the customer. Firstly many car window stickers are used to advertise a brand or product. In this instance the graphics to be screen printed onto the car window stickers have to be relatively simple and clear. It is not necessary to screen print multi image sophisticated full colour images as this can sometimes cloud the message which is being advertised by the car window stickers. Essentially when used for this purpose the car window stickers need to incorporate a logo and have basic text in order that the message conveyed is obvious to the end user. This is also the case when the car window stickers are being used to convey product information or instructions. Additionally there are cost considerations. Relatively straightforward car window stickers screen printed in two or three spot colours are going to be far more economical to produce than full colour car window stickers. This is because there will be fewer set ups and  the overall print run will be less thus reducing the number of man hours needed to produce the car window stickers.

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