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Car Window Stickers and Football

June 28, 2012 | by cws-admin | Branded Stickers, Car Stickers, Self Adhesive Stickers, Stickers

Car window stickers are widely found throughout the United Kingdom and indeed universally throughout the world. Many organisations have realised that car window stickers are a cost effective method of conveying a message or advertising a brand to the general public.

In the last few decades one of the biggest growing commercial activities is that of football merchandise. For many years Football clubs have sold club shorts and relatively high priced merchandise items through their club shops. However many recognised the need to also sell cheaper pocket money products and this soon led to clubs selling car window stickers. Relatively cheap to manufacture and constantly visible to a mass audience the car window stickers soon found their way into club shops. This became even more the cases in the 1990’s with the advent of The Premier League. In any car park around a football ground on a match day there will be many cars with car window stickers screen printed with the colours of the two football clubs playing on that match day. Additionally at the weekend there are many boys football junior league clubs playing matches. They rely very much on generating income through selling refreshments during the matches but also selling additional items such as car window stickers to the parents and supporters.

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