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Car Window Stickers – Ways of Generating Different Shapes

June 28, 2012 | by cws-admin | Branded Stickers, Car Stickers, Self Adhesive Stickers, Stickers

Screen printed car window stickers can either be guillotine trimmed to regular rectangles or supplied as a shaped cut image. There are two usual methods of achieving this. With surface printed car window stickers a cutting forme with the desired finished shape can be manufactured. This screen printed car window stickers can then be die cut to the desired shape using a standard rise and fall platen. Many sophisticated and intricate die cut shapes can be achieved using this method. One field where this method is especially applicable is that of control panels where there are apertures to accommodate dials and switches and the car stickers will need to have cut outs to fit round these areas.

The other method to produce what appears to be die cut car window stickers is more subtle. This applies to car window stickers printed in reverse for fixing onto the inside of transparent surfaces such as glass. The image is initially screen printed in reverse onto a clear self adhesive vinyl. A white is then screen printed behind the image only,  leaving a clear area all round. The finished car window stickers when applied to the glass and viewed from a reasonable distance then appear to have been die cut to shape. This method of manufacturing the car window stickers is usually used when cost is major consideration and budgets do not extend to the cost of a cutting forme.

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