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Screen Printed Car Window Stickers

June 28, 2012 | by cws-admin | Branded Stickers, Car Stickers, Self Adhesive Stickers, Stickers

Car window stickers are commonly manufactured using the screen printing process. They are screen printed in reverse onto a clear substrate , commonly self adhesive vinyl with a permanent or removable adhesive or self cling pvc. The desired finished car window sticker imageĀ  is transferred onto the self adhesive vinyl by using mesh screens and specially formulated ink systems designed to adhere to the substrate. This enables virtually any logo or brand to be screen printed with the addition of any relevant text to provide information to the end user.

This is not confined to just a single colour screen printed image. Many car window stickers are comprised of multi colour graphics be they made up of spot colours or full colour pictorial images. Within the screen printing process there are two main options for producing car window stickers. Firstly for smaller quantities they can be manufactured by using a simple hand table which is a more manually based process. For larger quantities the car window stickers are printed multiple images at once on semi automatic machinery thus reducing the overall print run. The decision as to whether to use a hand table or semi automatic machine is entirely quantity based . The issue here is to find the most cost effective way of producing the car window stickers.

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