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How to Screen Print Double Sided Car Window Stickers

July 6, 2012 | by cws-admin | Car Stickers, Stickers

Car window stickers can be manufactured so that they can be viewed from both sides of a car window. The production process can be time consuming but is relatively simple. These car window stickers are almost exclusively fixed to the inside of the glass and so the first step is to screen print the side of the car window stickers which is to be viewed from the outside, This is achieved by breaking down the image into its constituent colours and screen printing these colours in reverse onto the clear substrate. Once the desired image has been completed two solid coats of white are flood printed behind it. The car window stickers then have an obliterating silver screen printed to prevent any show through of images from one side of them to the other. Next two more white flood coats are screen printed. The final part of the process is to surface screen print the image to be viewed from the inside of the glass which can either be the same or different to the one previously screen printed. The finished batch of car window stickers are then guillotine trimmed to size or die cut to shape if the customer so desires.

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