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Tax Disc Holder Printing

July 9, 2012 | by cws-admin | Circular Tax Disc Holders, Rectangular Tax Disc Holders, Shield Tax Disc Holders, Tax Disc Holders

Tax disc holders can be printed in a number of ways. The three main options available are screen printing, digital printing and lithographic printing. There are two main factors which contribute to making the decision as to which method of printing to use when transferring an image onto a tax disc holder. The first consideration is that of quantity. Concerning very small quantities of tax disc holders the cheapest option is digital printing. The main reason for this is that there are very low machine set up costs in comparison with the other two methods. With small to large quantities tax disc holders would best be screen printed. At the other end of the scale very large quantities of tax disc holders primarily for reasons of economy would be litho printed.

The second determining factor is that of the nature of the image to be printed onto the tax disc holder. Straight forward spot colour images are ideal for screen printing onto both the self adhesive and pvc parts of the tax disc holder whereas sophisticated full colours images are far more suitable to be printed either using the digital or lithographic processes. Regardless of the quantity or type of image there are options for printing any type of image onto tax disc holders.

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