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Tax Disc Holders and No Smoking

July 6, 2012 | by cws-admin | Circular Tax Disc Holders, Rectangular Tax Disc Holders, Shield Tax Disc Holders, Tax Disc Holders

Tax disc holders have been mainly bought by car dealers wishing to advertise their brand. However it is not just car dealerships that purchase tax disc holders. Many fleet management companies also will provide vehicles to fleet users with a tax disc holder in the windscreen. When the recent legal regulations regarding smoking in public places were introduced many fleet vehicle suppliers took this on board. They were keen to see that their vehicles at the end of their lease period were sold on in the best possible condition. They realised that by placing tax disc holders screen printed with a no smoking symbol in the vehicle that this would assist in this cause. Obviously the no smoking logo could be screen printed on both the shield shape and circular shape tax disc holders. There is however one major legal consideration regarding the printed size of the no smoking logo which is to be viewed in a public place. There in a minimum size for this symbol and therefore the shield shape tax disc holder must be of a width large enough to accommodate this requirement. Consequently it is only the larger sizes of shield shape tax disc holders which can be used for this purpose. Of course it is not only fleet companies that choose to display no smoking tax disc holders but also members of the general public have utilised them to create a smoke free atmosphere in their cars.

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