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Tax Disc Holders Manufactured With Card Pockets

July 6, 2012 | by cws-admin | Circular Tax Disc Holders, Rectangular Tax Disc Holders, Shield Tax Disc Holders, Tax Disc Holders

Tax disc holders are not exclusively supplied purely as a form of advertising. Basic tax disc holders are constructed from a combination of flexible pvc and self adhesive vinyl but this is not the only option. Tax disc holders can be multi- functional in as much as they can be produced with additional pockets. There is one main option available with respect to this. The shield shape tax disc holder will usually have top and bottom sections which are separated with a horizontal cross weld. The top section of the tax disc holder will essentially be rectangular in shape. A piece of clear orange peel pvc can be laid across the top of the tax disc holder with its base sitting on the cross weld and its top finishing short of the top of the tax disc holder. This piece is usually around 50mm in depth and when sealed in the finished weld will create a pocket open at the top. Into this top pocket of the tax disc holder can be inserted a membership card or in many cases a card containing specific motor assistance instructions. This means that that tax disc holders supplied in this format become a method of containing essential information for the motorist which can be safely retained inside the vehicle.

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